My Top 10 Favorite Hostess Gifts

My Top 10 Favorite Hostess Gifts

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Giving a party requires a great deal of work. If you have been fortunate enough to be included in a festive soiree, it is nice to arrive with a gift for the hostess. The typical present will cost anywhere from $15-$100. What you spend will be determined by your relationship and the type of event.  Is it a formal dinner? A backyard BBQ? Also, when possible, know the likes and dislikes of your hostess. If she is allergic to flowers, you probably will not arrive with a bouquet in hand.  

I like to give items that can be consumed in some fashion (and this does not just mean oral consumption). This way I have not taken up precious space in her home with something she might or might not enjoy. Here is a list of some of my favorite hostess gifts.




Pearled Wine Coaster

Yes, this is what everyone seems to say, but, if you have a hostess that enjoys exceptional wine, it really is nice to give. Put some thought into the selection. Maybe the two of you tried a new chardonnay at a local restaurant, and you both loved it. Purchase a bottle of this with a note attached saying how much you treasure your friendship. If she enjoys vacationing in a certain region or country, see if you can purchase a bottle from that area. Make the gift extra special by including a beautiful wine stopper or coaster.  



White and Gold Square Snack Bowl 

Food can be nice to bring, but make sure it is the right type of food. If the hostess has invited you for dinner, showing up with a platter of appetizers would not be the best choice. She has worked hard on her menu and might feel obligated to serve what you brought. The added addition might mess up the food choices she has planned. Instead, bring something for her to enjoy later, or that has meaning to you. I love giving a small bottle of our favorite home-made steak rub or placing a batch of yummy Texas Trash in a keepsake bowl. One of the more enjoyable gifts I received was a platter filled with Graham crackers, marshmallows, and 8 Hershey bars. It was my own little s’mores kit! If you decide to bring food, let the hostess know this is a special treat to be enjoyed after the party. By doing this you are saying, “I brought food, but I do not expect you to serve this during the party.”  




A box of notecards or festive notepad makes a wonderful gift. Attach a pretty pen and you will have a memorable gift.


Paper Guest Towels

Paper Guest Towels

I never have enough of these, so this is a favorite item I enjoy giving. Go a step further and include a beautiful guest towel holder. The host will love it!


Soaps and Bath Bombs


What does a party planner enjoy most once her soiree is over? A soak in a hot tub. Treat her to a bowl of beautifully displayed bath bombs and soaps.


Bouquet of Flowers

Graham Posey Vase

Not just any flowers but arrive with an arrangement beautifully displayed in a keepsake container. This is a gift that will keep on giving. 




A candle is always appreciated, and they are great to stock up on during after-Christmas sales. Add a beautiful candlestick to elevate your gift.


Reading Material

Spectacular Spreads

If your hostess is a reader, purchase the newest release from her favorite author, or bring a gift card from the local bookstore. A stack of her favorite magazines would be fun or a subscription for an audible book app are also great ideas. I love to give a book of Bible verses she can keep by her bed.


Coffee/Tea Mug

Country Estate Delft Blue Mug Sporting Mug

This could go under the food category, but it makes a wonderful gift, so I listed it separately. Purchase a beautiful mug and a bag of her favorite flavored coffee or herbal tea. 



I enjoy giving board games, if I know this is something my hostess and her family enjoy. Anything that brings people together is always a good choice. 


A hostess gift does not need to be expensive, but it should be memorable and show you have taken time to think about the recipient. This is your way of showing her that she is appreciated and valued for gifting YOU an evening of celebration. 


Together with you,

Lisa Lou

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